Your Date is Doomed

There are people who should just go back to bed in the morning rather than go on a date. They begin the day with a healthy dose of optimism when they think about the evening they will enjoy. Unfortunately, fate has a different evening in mind for them. It is one where a comedy of errors and plain bad luck will make them wonder why they ever got up that morning. They will remember this date for the rest of their life, but that is in the future.

The doomed dater will probably have a busy day. The phone will ring endlessly, and the emails will pile up. As the day progresses, there are little incidents that hint the evening might go awry. The computer crashes just as that big email is in the middle of sending to the company president. The scheduled conference call must be cancelled due to phone line difficulties. Too bad it was such an important meeting. Lunch was delivered, but it was someone else's. All told, this is becoming a bad day, but the doomed dater still looks forward to the dinner that has been planned.

The work day finally staggers to a close, and it is now time to go home and prepare for the date. The car won't start and the wrecker service is slow. It takes a while, but finding a rental car is just plain good luck. That's almost the only good luck that will happen today. Now the dater has gotten home and is dressing up. Nothing bad going on there, but there is nothing good to report. Finally, the moment arrives to leave the house. Too bad the wallet is still sitting on the dresser.

When the doomed daters finally arrive at the restaurant, there is no one to be found. The doors are closed because there was a fire earlier in the day. They choose an alternate restaurant. This is no big deal, but fate has one more surprise in store. Unfortunately, the appetizer they order will give them food poisoning. It won't wait, but will hit immediately. Of course it is fortunate the restaurant will cancel their bill because that wallet is still sitting at home. So much for this doomed date.