Wedding Day Calamities

For many a bride and groom, the wedding day is the biggest event of their life. They have worked hard to assemble as many friends and family as possible to witness their vows. The plans have been in the works for months, and they believe they have left nothing to chance. They've booked the church and the reception hall. They have found the perfect caterer and wedding band. The bride's dress is beautiful and perfectly tailored, and the groom's suit has not even a bit of lint. The attendants are all lined up in their matching clothes. Everything is perfect.

Now that the ceremony is about to begin, the bride and groom realize only half the people they expected for the ceremony have arrived. There was a traffic accident and many guests have been stalled in a huge jam. Unfortunately, they can only delay the ceremony a short time. As they wait impatiently, the rest of the guests begin to arrive with horror stories of the massive accident.

Once the ceremony is over, it is time for the receiving line. No problems here until the groom insults Great Aunt Agatha by mistaking her for Great Grandmother Gloria. This will haunt him and his bride for the rest of their days. Every person will remember it because a friend happened to be shooting cell phone video. Now it is going viral over the internet. This includes the groom being walloped with a giant purse.

The reception dinner is the next event of the day. It is fortunate the bride and groom went to great lengths to make sure they found a competent caterer. What they did not plan on was a food server being absent and dinner taking longer to serve. Some guests get cold food, and they are very disappointed. As luck would have it, these are the guests who believe in complaining immediately to their hosts. Again, cell phone video is posted and goes viral. Dancing comes next and the bride and groom are looking forward to having a bit of fun. The band is great and everything goes fine until he steps on her dress and rips it. It is the perfect end to a wedding full of missteps.