The Fear of Loss

Dating is often a confusing time for many, and they question whether or not they really are in love with their partner. They go back and forth on the issue, but finding a resolution about their relationship seems impossible. If they are faced with a frightening experience, clarity can suddenly hit when they face the loss of their partner. Waiting to find out if they will survive an incident is the time when they begin to realize how much they have invested in their current partnership.

Emotions are not always clear, and it is one reason people hesitate to make a commitment to another person. They see their good side, but their partner’s flaws might make them think more than twice. If they have always been ready to run rather than commit, their ability to make a commitment will need a boost before it can occur. Sudden and tragic events can be the stimulus they need to make a decision.

While couples who meet during a tragic event are cautioned not to get involved for at least half a year, those already in a relationship have a different set of rules. The event can help them become more focused on how they really feel about the other person, and it can help them look at the relationship realistically. For the first time since they have been together, they can take a mental step back and really examine their deepest feelings.

The thought of possibly losing a partner has pushed many people into making a commitment, and it is not a bad thing. They suddenly realize how short life can be, and they are focused on building a life together before it is cut short by tragedy. For a couple in this situation, it shows them how close their ties are to each other.