Accidents Will Happen

Singles search long and hard for that one special person to build their future with, yet fate occasionally intervenes in a positive way. A person could end up in the hospital with a broken bone, and they could find the nurse helping them is that one right person. Another unhappily single person might be unscathed when walking in the park when a tree falls, but they could meet the person they will love forever as they help remove a tree limb that has them trapped. Accidents will happen at almost any time of life, but they do not always need to lead to an unhappy ending.

The advice of experts is generally that a person involved in a traumatic event should wait at least a year before they date someone they met at that time. It is good advice because the unbalanced emotions of a trauma can make people see things in a very different way than they normally would. Once life settles back into the range of normal, their feelings and outlook might change radically. While a traumatic event should not lead to dating, an accident is often less than traumatic when looked at a day or two later.

Inviting a person met during an accident on a date might take a bit of research because the two people will usually have no connection other than the event. Finding them might take heroic measures and a good news outlet, or it could be a matter of speaking to hospital staff, emergency responders, or returning to the scene of the accident in the hopes the other person does the same. It may be up to fate to bring two people together, but it helps if they cooperate.

Finding that one special person for a great relationship is worth the effort, and asking them out on a date is the first step. It can be almost any situation that helps people meet each other, yet a memorable event could be a good way to define the start of their relationship. Living happily ever after does not always have to start on a perfect note.