College Map


College Maps is a powerful map application developed by Fortune Ganesh which is dedicated to colleges. The application has been perfected over years and offers user-friendly and interactive mapping technology with strong features for searching, personalization and reporting. It has the ability to handle and synchronize diverse college related data on to the map which is seamlessly integrated with google maps


  • INTERACTIVE MAPS - Click, drag, and zoom to explore the college. Click on buildings or properties to find information, floor plans, hyperlinks, images, videos and live feeds. Find transportation service areas and routes.

  • MAP BASED SEARCH - Find college buildings and properties reflected on the map and access information, images, and videos.

  • MAP VIEWS - Toggle between different map views: map, satellite, and hybrid imagery. Overlay private map layers, use tile-overlays for personalization, easy loading and error correction on google. Demarcate buildings, parking lots, parks and other facilities.

  • VIRTUAL TOUR - Tour the college through the map and share useful, interesting information, images, videos and 360 views of the college without getting lost.

  • COLLEGE SERVICES - Find out about college services like parking lots, phone booths, hospitals, parks, restaurants and other local facilities.

  • BACKEND ADMIN CONTROl - Create buildings on the map and manage related details and media files. Use log, error reporting, data migration and sync features. Define permission for different user levels to permit or restrict access to more information and files.


Brown University is the 7th-oldest college in the United States with approximately 2000 students and 203 buildings. Brown University has been using this application as Brown University Maps for 4 years and has been upgrading constantly, and is now a popular page handling average of 100s of hits per day.


New Features

MOBILE MAP - Use a lite map to browse in mobile devices.

Upcoming Features

New Google Feature Integraion - View 3D imagery, 45 Imagery of terrain which can be zoomed, panned, and tilted. View like you are actually walking down the street.

Walking Route - Find out the walking route and time for walking inside the college.

GPS Tracking - Track the college buses or transportation service through GPS & mobile devices.

Room Level Detailing - Expand to room level floor plans.